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Innovative teaching pedagogy beyond the structural curriculum with our ancient knowledge and upholding the Indian culture (Sanathanadharm).

OUR VISION is to ensure a value based system of education with practical knowledge to create young minds with kindness, empathy, compassion, showing respect to elders, integrity and ethics.

KENSRI provides an exhilarating seamless learning environment balancing academics, sports and fine arts. We focus on holistic development of students and prepare them for future global citizens. Our motivated teachers recognize every child’s unique talent and help them to achieve this. The opportunities are created for the children to experiment and explore the latitude and identify and explore them.

Deliberate, Sustainable and consistent – Our school system, unlike the conventional system, is consistent and deliberate. Better learning retention, interpretation of concept and higher skill ability is achieved through technology based learning, kinesthesis learning, games based learning, hands on experience etc. Exams and competitions are tools used to grade these levels so that the processes can be fine-tuned for better results.

Our standards - every aspect of the curriculum has been developed with a standard of excellence. Our curriculum is calibrated in a way that the students reach a pre-determined level at each grade. Parents are urged to know these standards, so that, the weekly work, remedial, after school and the summer programs, can be used to keep their children achieve these levels.

Retention - of knowledge is best accomplished by effective teaching showing examples and helping the student’s to actually experience the concepts with real time experiments. An additional way to learn is peer learning with effective presentation.

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