Giving back more than you get...

Many parents have complemented the conduct of our students inside and outside school. We need to continue to improve their habits and values.

We expect the students to conduct themselves better if they understand the rules, merit-demerit, rewards.

We hope that the parents reinforce and ensure that their children accumulate rewards and awards. This will promote positive help to the teachers develop them to their potential excellence.

For Upholding Indian Tradition and cultivating habits for Excellence, the merits & demerits for each class is defined...

KENSRI School’s second parent staff hiring practices emphasizes intense, dedicated and committed staff. The school has provided a system for the teacher to know and monitor students and their progress. KENSRI’s class teacher is called a student development specialist as they not only know the developmental agenda for each group but also the challenges that the face. KENSRI hopes to make teachers into gurus of the past that they know how to help the student progress at an optimum level. They monitor a student’s progress to seek the help of subject teachers and parents

Size of the Library in sq.feet:
No.of periodical's 2
No.of Dailies 6
Total No of Books 12,210
No.of Magazines 6
Others Mapes And Globes