KENSRI School's signature "STAR Performers"program is meant to make future stars in any subject, sports or art. This development of excellence is not about depending on luck but build stars strategically, deliberately and intensely. It requires a lot of humilty and commitment from the student first, parents and coaches. All working in harmony towards a single pursuit of one's potential. All this must be developed with good fundamentals starting with daily habits.

KENSRI school has developed star performers after being part of almost 450-500 children in the US. Its genesis is after developing scholar-athletes enrolled in leading schools and colleges in the US. We even supported many children to be part of the program in the US. We found that we have very good children but as can be expected the fundamentals are not correct in India. The reasons are lack of education and discipline; non-compliance of rules (age cheating, going against voice of authority etc.); disrespect to other competitors and the like. The associations and organizations are not paying importance to these aspects. Stars are generally coming from the rich and that is one of the reasons for lack of numbers from a large country such as India and poor systems adhered to by adults around the child. KENSRI School wanted to champion children from the middle class.

KENSRI subscribes to the opinion that compromising education compromises development in any aspect towards stardom even in sport and art. Schooling and academic pursuit provides ability to think, strategize, social development, and discipline. Lot of parents are cynical about education in schools inIndia but at KENSRI we have developed the curriculum towards true education of values, independent thinking and recognizing one's potential. We see a lot of competitors opting to what is called open or home schooling. This is a rather risky choice which could jeopardize the future of children and preparing them for real life.