KENSRI School's uniform has been widely appreciated by our parents for the style and comfort that it provides for the children. It is an integral part of schooling. They underline a sense of discipline in each and every student. A high standard of neatness and personal appearance is expected of all students. Students should wear their uniform at all times in school and at school functions and field trips unless otherwise stated. Regular checks on uniform take place in schools and students are fined in case they are not in proper uniform.

Pre-Primary to class VII (Monday - Friday)
Prescriped school T-Shirt and shorts, black Reebok shoes, burgundy colour socks Prescribed school T-Shirt and skirt, black Reebok shoes, burgundy colour socks
Classes VIII to XII (Monday and Saturday)Pre-Primary to class VII (Monday - Friday)
Prescribed school shirt (cream-coloured) Trousers (dark brown colour), blazer, tie, belt, black Adidas shoes, school socks (brown colour) Prescriped school shirt (cream colour) Skirt (dark brown colour), tie, belt, blazer, black Reebok shoes, school socks (brown colour)
Classes VIII to XII (Tuesday to Friday)
Track pant with school T-shirt or trouser and T-shirt, black shoes, school socks. Track pant or skirt with school T-shirt, black shoes and school socks.