We recommend using school transport as much as possible because it caters to the requirement of the school process. Please take some time to review the following rules with your children, in the interest of their safety:


1 .Avoid pushing and shoving when getting on or off the bus.
2 .Do not stand or play on the road while waiting for the bus.
3 .Before you reach your stop, get ready to leave by getting your books and other belongings together.
4 .Stand back from the road when waiting for the bus
5 .Wait for the bus to completely stop before getting into the bus or while getting up from your seat.
6 .Use the handrail when stepping onto or getting off the school bus.
7 .Obey the drivers and his assistant's instructions as they are in full charge of the bus.
8 .Do not talk to the driver unless it is necessary.
9 .No yelling or whistling on the bus as too much noise distracts the driver.
10.Do not stand or move about the bus while it is moving.
11.Never put your hands, arms, feet or head out of the bus window.
12.Do not throw anything inside the bus or out of the windows as you might injure someone.
13.Misconduct on the bus may result in demerits and too many demerits may result in a loss of bus priveleges.
14.Stay away from the bus' rear wheels at all times.
15.Be courteous and respectful to the bus driver, his assistant, fellow students and other passers by.
16.Do not crawl under a school bus.
17.Help keep the bus safe and free from litter by not eating in the bus.
18.Do not damage or deface any part of the bus or tamper with any equipment in the bus.
19.Do not use bad language or obscene gestures and create excessive or unnecessary noise.
20.Keep the aisles clear - school or lunch bags are tripping hazards and can block the way in an emergency. You have been provided a niche inside the bus to place your bags.

Note : For students from pre-primary to third, an adult has to be present at the stop on both pick up and stopping off time. If an adult is not present at dropping off time the student will be brought back to the school and kept until the parent comes and picks them up. Also, a fine of Rs. 50/- is charged for each hour.