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From the Divisional Principal - Secondary section (Fun-Competition)
Secondary - Fun-Competition is a phase when the student due to their habits and approach to preparation is keen to participate in competition for self-development. The student is given the next set of thresholds in all aspects of development from in class challenges to longer assessments, local, national and international competitions in all spheres of development, independent research project, and to enjoy providing leadership for others by example.

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This stage includes classes VIII to X.
  • What is Fun? Who is a Competitor?

    Fun is getting acknowledged for personal achievement.
    A competitor is one who enjoys preparing and putting oneself against another competitor without stress. Focus on preparation rather than result. Competitor is my best friend.
    Highest Award Daily competitor.

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  • Testimonials
    Anita Benjamin
    Anita Benjamin, parent of Joan and Jane Jones

    KENSRI School, a second home to my children, has a unique system of education with dedicated teachers, and focuses on the all-round development of a child: not only in academics but in sports, arts and leadership as well. Children are given opportunities to discover and showcase their talents. The children participate in programs and activities that encourage them to engage, question and analyse the world around them, enriching their knowledge and forming a love of learning. A very friendly and supportive environment where children are encouraged to be unique and confident.


    I, S.Varshini a proud KENSRIite of class 8, am enormously satisfied by the education system of my school. The balanced education of Academics, Sports, Life Skills and Fine Arts with qualified instructors and talented educators assist me to outshine as a SAAL (Scholar, Athlete, Artist, Leader). The various projects assigned by the school help me to express myself better by realising my responsibilities, enhancing my time management skills, creativity and technology skills. KENSRI also contributes a forum to explore our debating skills through various debate topics related to current affairs. This helps us heighten our social knowledge about the current happenings in the world and analyze them deeply. My school also provides a platform to debate as a delegate of a particular country in the Mock UN. This enriches self-confidence, social and vocabulary skills. It also supports me in understanding the system of the UN in an effective manner. The concept of E-Magazine helps to know about a particular country and build a healthy relationship between India and the country assigned to me. As a synopsis, I would like to state that I rejoice every day at my school as a proud KENSRIite.

    Proud parents R. Srivatsan and S. Subbulakshmi
    R. Srivatsan and S. Subbulakshmi, parents of S Varshini

    We are one among the proud parents of two glorious kensrites. Our daughter (S.Varshini) is studying in the 8th standard and our son (S.Jayawant) is in the 2nd standard. It is the profound education system of Kensri which integrates academics with Sports, Fine Arts, and Life Skills that transforms the students as a Scholar, Athlete, Artist and Leader. Kensri gives ample recognition and care to the students to make them understand the subjects better through various projects such as Collection sheets, Display boards, Debates, FLOW, Pictionary, POWER Presentation, E-Magazine, Blogs, etc. All these projects enable the students to understand the subjects in depth and their language skills has also enriched in terms of vocabulary, speaking and presentation. By doing the projects in various disciplines and fields, students can acquire proficiency not only in the subject and in language but also in computer science which in turn make the projects presentable and impressive (through the medium of information technology). Kensri brings the Indian parliament and even United Nations right to the classrooms so that the students can understand and visualize those sessions practically. Thus, Kensri's education system educates not just from the textbooks and prepares the students not just for the exams and hence we can undoubtedly say that makes it an exemplary system of education. We, as the parents, feel extremely blessed to have highly skilled and dedicated teachers who take utmost interest and attention towards every student to make them future scholars. Kensri's teachers are the outstanding pillars of support and they always shower the students with motivation, encouragement and right guidance which elevates the students to greater pinnacles not only during their academic years, but also throughout their lives.

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