Mrs Sherin Biju Vice Principal

From the Vice Principal's desk

Education prepares each student to lead a successful & fulfilling life. It provides them with experiences that nurture their passions, problem-solving abilities, and higher-level thinking skills, which includes critical thinking and creativity. Research-based curriculums in Expression, Social Science, Science and Math to introduce competence–based education to ensure that all students are equipped with essential skills, academic success and support to realize their potential and develop it progressively from an early age. Technology, Sport and Art integration in the curriculum improves students' learning processes and outcomes. Project-based learning encourages students to become independent workers, critical thinkers and problem-solvers. It urges students to form questions of their own, developing a sense of ownership of their learning process and outcome. Periodic Assessments and monitoring plans assist in identifying students' strengths and weaknesses and the gaps they may have in their learning/skills. It helps in the development of effective intervention plans to ensure success for all students. Education broadens a student’s horizons, helping them understand more about other cultures and corners of the world beyond the school door.