PLUS - Parent's Learning and Understanding Schemes
Dear Parents,

Straight from our heart to yours! You are one of the main reasons for KENSRI School's dynamism and improvement. Needless to say you and our relationship are an envy of schools. We will continue our journey to better understanding, cooperation and appreciation only by shared respect, accountability and responsibility. Parent's Understanding and Learning Schemes (PLUS ) at the beginning of each academic year is due to the tireless, uncompromising and transparent system and process of the school. We have constantly improved PLUS program by structuring the system. We continue to make each tool more focused.

The purpose of the diary is to make all possible attempts for better understanding between parents and teachers. These can only be built by the following:
Knowing the policies and organization of the school so that you are not making requests that can crack the system. To help by strongly recommending your contribution to your child made in the dairy to be a "Daily Parent".

At KENSRI School we strongly believe that all children are made equal. We also believe that each is blessed with a special talent. Their attitude and habits first and then environment both at home and school help develop them to their potential. When KENSRI School was only 3-4 years old, we took students sent away from other schools. Parents of these students trusted us to turn them around to mould them well. We worked with them in building their values and habits. They performed well in the 10th Board examinations and are now doing well in professional colleges. So, the longer a student is at KENSRI School their values, habits and drive towards excellence will be part of their nature.

Gurukula was a traditional way for us Indians to learn the vast body of knowledge of Vedas, epics, Gita, ayurvedic system, yoga, meditation, astronomy, astrology and much more. Children were sent at an early age to be under the tutelage of a guru. The guru was the teacher. There was mutual affection, trust, commitment, dedication, discipline, humility and pride between the guru and his shishya. A Gurukula system is no longer prevalent. After that it was the joint families with grandparents who mostly inculcated right values, culture and arts. Grandparents, parents, uncles, aunts and cousins lived together and helped each other to do the best as a family. Even these joint families are waning at a time when students require greater self discipline due to innumerable distractions. So, at KENSRI School we have developed with our hearts a vision for parents to partner us for their child's development; systems for teachers to take them under their wing; content and programs that make you complete as would have been given at a Gurukula. It is for you the children to give their best to develop Guru-shishya parampara - teacher-student relationship. How do you help your children do these?

Teach them to follow: Mathru Devo Bhava; Pithru Devo Bhava, Acharya Devo Bhava and Athithi Devo Bhava (mother,father, teacher and guest are God in that order; Inculcate honest, humble and sincere attitude in them.
Let them be responsive to deadlines with their teachers.
To have focused daily habits including waking up early, RAP, etc. to help achieve their goals (KENSRI School has taken their goals to heart to help achieve them.)
Finally, good eating and sleeping habits for your children.
Let us try to recapture the teacher-student relationship of the past. Think of our children in gurukulas or our soldiers for a minute. They train, eat, sleep, and learn to work as a team all with one "Maksad" (an Urdu word that can best be translated to mean "life's goal") - to their best without distraction and with our soldiers to protect us. Can you make the children soldiers of learning - Academics, Sports, Art and Leadership?