Field trips/Fun trips

FIELD TRIP - KENSRI School provides hands on educational field trips for Classes I - XII. Through Inquiry learning and cross curricular activities our experienced team of educators will introduce our children to the best of field trips while satisfying the curriculum needs.

Field trips enable teachers to expand children's learning beyond the walls of the classroom into the vast world outside. They provide children with varied experiences that cannot be duplicated in the school but are nontheless an integral part of school instruction. Perhaps a field trip can best be described as living laboratory in which learning is acquired through active hands-on experience with the rich resources of our country and the world.

Research has shown that field trips are important for many reasons:
They increase student knowledge and understanding of a subject.
They add realism to the topic of study and
They provide an opportunity to develop and enhance a student's social and citizenship skills.

In KENSRI School for every field trip that we take, there will be a sound educational reason. We will notify you in advance of where we are going, what specific time we will be leaving from and returning to the school and how we plan to get to our site. You will need to send the supplies your child will need, such as appropriate clothing, food and any medical needs your child has. For each trip we will have two or more teachers to supervise the children. We will be happy to have any parent volunteers to help us on our field trip.


The fun trips provide an opportunity to develop and enhance a students social and citizenship skills. We want to give our children a full range of local, state, national and international experiences to learn about places, people and its culture.