Mrs Gayathri M Parthiban Sectional Principal

From the Sectional Principal - Primary section
KENSRI School's Fun-Fundamental program provides students with fundamental skills and value based education that will be the foundation for the rest of their life. The program also helps develop strong relationship with family and friends.

Classes III - VII
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    Gunas.Abhyas@Svabhaya or Values.habits@Character is a scheme to develop humility-sincerity-punctuality and habits of KENSRI outcomes - Daily excellence, full SAAL days and "Giving back more than we get"!

    Learning blocks-ladders with Minimum Level of Learning (MLL) matched with unique and creative peer learning & presentations. Boundless real life examples!

    FLOW Formative Learning for Output/Outcome for Wisdom - Teacher and Student daily RAP partnership inside and outside class to do their best for each other.

    Sanathana Gyan Functional-formative-fundamentals by experience giving importance to our traditional knowledge.

    Habit Goal setting-achievement, & Review-Apply-Prepare (RAP) in Academics, Sports & Finearts..

    Daily RAP Habits Academics, Sports, Fine Arts

    Collections/Hobby - To know students interest and passion.

    Assembly/Talent day/Theme play- to show case children's talents, improve confidence and self-expression.

    My Album- To know the history and share experiences and for self-expression.

    Field/Fun TripsField trip to reinforce concepts in subjects and fun trups to make students independent.
    Wellness to Olympics (Sports)
    Themeplay to Broadway – Pradarshan towards Arangetram (Arts)
    (Leadership) Skills / Creativity/ Responsibility Competition readiness for self-confidence-worth-expression

    Highest Award Daily Student

Daily Student-KENSRI-Pride
  • Student Led Programme 1
  • Student Led Programme 2
  • Student Led Programme 1
  • Student Led Programme 2
  • Student Led Programme 1
  • Student Led Programme 2
  • Labs
  • Sports
  • Finearts
  • Sanatan Gyan
  • TAPAS (Weekend Online exams)
  • Fun Trip
  • Field Trip
  • Assembly
  • Sports Day
  • Themeplay/KENFEST
  • KEN-Market
  • Nation Building
  • Team Banquet