Citizenship – My Dictionary

Citizenship is a matter of pride.  If you are not proud of where you belong, you can never become the best that you can be.  Citizenship of home is home's culture and tradition; school citizenship is how your personal culture is easily able to be subsumed by the school and the whole generation stands for commonality.  This then becomes subsumed by nation and its constituents and nature and our well being as her child.  Apart from this, it is the ability to provide leadership as an individual social responsibility. Being involved is the best form of being part of a democracy from home to nation.

"My Dictionary" is my getting ready with the field of study that is my passion apart from building the formation of concepts during my schooling years for a career beyond.  KENSRI's "My Dictionary", a unique program that helps a student find their own aptitude for a career.  It develops good students to be proud of their understanding of their fundamentals in their primary years of school to be help take off with interest of study in a professional career.  It gives KENSRIites another step up on their competitions.