Scholar-Athlete-Artist-Leader (SAAL)

Scholar-Athlete-Artist-Leader (SAAL) is a unique developmental outcome for a KENSRIte. A daily student of KENSRI deliberately endeavors each day on all these facets. A day is not complete without scholarship, sports, art and leadership activity. KENSRI School & college is the only institution in the world that helps a child growing into an adult to introduce, provide fundamentals, compete and rejoice innovations that your personality provides to these facets of personal development. Success in any or all of these are never left to chance but intensely achieved.

Later, in life, it is every KENSRite to desire to make every day a full day. Full days all through life makes the journey of life fun filled. The ups & downs, achievements & challenges, positives & negatives are all different facets in all the four aspects of development, makes each a day an experience.