MY Talent/MY Excellence Corp

Excellence Corporation : A forum to give an opportunity to excel in his / her area of interest / talent and attain a level of excellence to possibly be a serious hobby / profession

Debate Corporation concentrates mainly on getting children to realize their debating skills. Special training is given to them to provide them the exposure for competitions like verbattle.

Swaralaya Corporation focuses in encouraging children to learn the subtle art of Carnatic music. The Corporation prepares children for competitions and individual performances.

Rasabhava Corporation encourages children to learn bharatnatyam apart from teaching the dance, it keeps the dances deep and wonderful culture alive.

Western Dance Corporation is a student-teacher corporation, one where it is headed by the students pertaining to their interest in the various fields of western dance. Children are taught the dance for various platforms.

Indoor games - Chess Corporation is solely run by children interested in chess, the policy is to help each other with the rules of chess, helping children learn tactical plays for championship.

Design Corporation is focused to help those interested in fashion designing pursue their goals. The corporation helps the children learn more about designing, fashion and the courses available to them.

Craft Corporation children are taught different crafts like origami, knitting, collage making etc. It brings alive a child's imagination, thereby putting minds to good use.

Programming Corporation children are taught the basics of computer programming and are introduced to the basic strategies used to develop computer programs.

Presentation Corporation is for children who want to improve their presentation skills - technologically and language wise.

Creative writing Corporation help students write for newspapers, articles, magazines etc. It focuses on writing for special occasions so that people can present better.

Young Scientists Corporation is based purely on science. Activities, lab experiments and science for fun is practiced here

Math Aware Corporation generates materials to take part in Olympiads and also improves a child's math knowledge.

School Band consists of vocalists, instrumentalists and lyricists who are trained to perform in various platforms for the school.

Hallmark Corporation students are taught about drama & theatre, they are trained for competitions and for performing to spread awareness about various important issues in school.