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GUESS - A program to help the children aware of their place - the global village

KENSRI School's another signature lifeskill program is its Global Understanding Education Strategy and Sanskrit. We expect the next generation to be called to live with not acceptance but with appreciation of other cultures, languages, foods, and thoughts. While they learn about other countries the program includes learning about international agencies that might become more relevant to them. They have the mock United Nations, Moot International Court of Justice, International "Healing" Leadership conclave and participating in a variety of international student linkages. All of our students participate in these forums prior to graduating from KENSRI.

Aditya S, XB
Avina K, XI
MOOT ICJ Runners up
Akash.S, XC
Sai Abhay C P, XC
MOCK UN – Best Delegate
Shrish Sudarshan
MOCK UN – Best Delegation (Russia)
Alfia Saini & Dhruv Raghavan