My CLASS/My Cause

What is Class ?

CLASS" is KENSRI's unique programme for Leadership and Community service. At KENSRI School our programme is helping students to take part in quality service-learning opportunities. This is the key to helping them become successful citizens and leaders. We believe that students who are involved in service learning feel more connected to and responsible for their communities. A large part of our mission at KENSRI School is one of service to others. The school subscribes to the idea that there is greater joy in giving than in taking.


Declining civic participation show many young students today feel disconnected from society, their communities and the political process. KENSRI School is searching for ways to give young students a sense of hope, an experience of community and a belief in their own personal effectiveness.


"LIFT A LIFE"(LIL) is our main programme. The essence of the programme can be captured in the following slogan : The programme reestablishes our culture and joint family background of putting others before self. The goal of the programme is to encourage children to appreciate what they have while helping the needy.

KENkids promoting Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan Mission
KENSRIites supporting BBMP in segregation of waste & its disposal
KENSRIites creating awareness on the “Don’ts of Community”
KENSRIites reviving cultural spirit through Festival Cards.