ESCAPE/MY Personality

ESCAPE - A student personality development program that provides Exposure; Introduce Skills; Effective Communication, Maintain Positive Attitude; for Personality Enhancement.

This module will empower students to face diverse situations by giving them an experience to handle the same. Skills developed over a period of time will assist the students to expand their area of interest and thereby help them to decide on a career of their choice. As rightly pointed out by Dale Carnegie "Great speakers are not born, they're trained." Students are trained to articulate their ideas force fully. Not only speaking but writing and listening skills are enhanced. Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character hence students are shown the path to inculcate a positive attitude. In today's world of competition it is necessary to imbibe a competitive spirit with in oneself so that when the child grows up he/she will be able to face challenges of the outside world with courage and conviction. Hence, the ultimate objective of personality enhancement or the overall development of a student is to become a responsible and civilized individual useful to the society and the nation.