Goal sheet-My Album-Review

Goal: I have the eye of the tiger. I latch on to my goal and that is not distracting me from my vision for myself. I want to know my potential and so I set higher and higher achievable goals. over the course of fifteen or more years as a KENSRIte, my parents and teachers start me off with goals of gunas, wisdom and scores. I have now learnt all of these to standout, not to stand out but to show what is possible as a scholar-athlete-artist-leader. Setting and achieving goals and vision is leadership for myself before others. I set goals everyday-month-year and soon all the peaks are my achievements. Goal(s) gives me the eye of the tiger!

My Album: Knowing myself, making myself, challenging myself ultimately to give myself is the joy of life. As a KENSRIte I also agree with my school that I am unique, My parents and school have joined together to bring out the best out of me. I know it is a challenge until I realise that it should be my effort more than theirs. KENSRI keeps throwing challenges my way to make me realize my accountability, responsibility to be mature to get on the journey of myself. Once on this road of myself, it is sheer joy of discovering by taking risks that are enriching. I ultimately have enough to share my autobiography about the "Unique ME".

Review: There is more to learn from mistakes and losses than from correct answers and wins. Review is a very deliberate process of KENSRI School & College. The commitment of KENSRI teachers is legendary. They have never given up on any of their students. In fact they have taken on challenges of students who have been sent away by other schools and built them up with the use of many signature KENSRI systems along with Review. The students are required to review every challenge, exam and competition. This gives them an idea of their strengths and weaknesses. They can always go to their teachers and coaches and get their help to improve their performance. KENSRIite always keep improving as the sky is limit to their unique potential