Team banquet – MVP

Apart from providing a forum for children-students with similar interests to come together, we have provided them a forum to help each other develop their talents, interests and skills.  Teams are formed at a very young age where the students learn how to prepare as a group for competitions with the help of a teacher-mentor.  The competitions have deliberately been structured to reach international exposure to compete globally.  The school is constantly looking for predictable competitions for the teams without disrupting daily development work at the school.

Being in the team is prestigious for a KENSRIite.  It requires much more discipline than an average student as nothing is compromised as to the expectation of a teacher, even though they might have missed classes during competition.  They are given ample opportunity to consult the teacher if they have missed concepts in class.

Teams help make them better citizens too.  It provides a forum to be close to their coaches, even academics and art.  They are a forum to develop discipline, leadership and oneness.   KENSRI teams have won complements from judges and referees for their ethical, spirited and collegial participation as they know that - "A Competitor is their best friend.  They make them better."  Also, a competition is for them to evaluate their preparation in context to their peers.

MVP is a well thought out deliberate award given to the Most Valuable Person on a team in pursuit of excellence.  It is the highest honor given to a team member as she/he has inspired and made a team better.