Mrs Kavitha Krishnan Divisional Principal

From the Divisional Principal - Pre-Primary (Fun-Prodigy/Fundamental) section
Children come happily to school to have fun-fun and more fun. Everything that is taught must be fun so that they cannot wait to run to their mother's or grandparents' arms to tell them all about their day. We want you to tell them stories at night and possibly even read with them. We would like you to also play both outdoor and indoor games. Insist on speaking in your mother tongue so that their expression is not curtailed. Ask them to even tell you stories. Inculcate as many values and habits as possible.

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Sankalp to Class I

What is Fun? Fun is getting acknowledged for personal achievement.

Who is a prodigy? A prodigy is one who has fundamentals, talent and accomplishments beyond their years. Development of a child's brain is maximum during the time from the last trimester to age six.

Highest Award: Daily Child

Bringing Indian languages - Learning using mother tongue. Sanskrit (Pronunciation and access to Indian wisdom)-Local/Mother tongue (confusion), National language, Global language, “Learning with fun”

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