Mrs Kavitha Krishnan Sectional Principal

From the Sectional Principal - Pre-Primary (Fun-Prodigy/Fundamental) section
Children come happily to school to have fun-fun and more fun. Everything that is taught must be fun so that they cannot wait to run to their mother's or grandparents' arms to tell them all about their day. We want you to tell them stories at night and possibly even read with them. We would like you to also play both outdoor and indoor games. Insist on speaking in your mother tongue so that their expression is not curtailed. Ask them to even tell you stories. Inculcate as many values and habits as possible.

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Pre-Nurserty to Class II

What is Fun?Fun is getting acknowledged for personal achievement.

Who is a prodigy?A prodigy is one who has fundamentals, talent and accomplishments beyond their years.

Highest Award: Daily Child



EMPHASIS ON MOTHER TONGUE FUN - SHLOKA - RHYME at KENSRI further increases the expression of your child with not only Indian languages but also English. Your child learns many rhymes in Indian and English language. The Indian language rhymes also teach values which English rhymes seem to lack. We also improve vocabulary with rhymes. FUN STORY telling is something that everyone enjoys at KENSRI. We even give the parents and grandparents stories that you can tell and read. This partnership helps the teacher in boosting the child's confidence towards self-reading. It also helps develop reading habits that are key during the school years.


People who help us: Treating people right is refinement. It is to help children to respect every profession, appreciate every person and realize how lucky they are to have well wishers.

Stories & values:Fun - Mind, Gunas (Values): Prakruthi (Nature) expression (languages and art) wellness nutrition (sports). This is what KENSRi's - SANKALP is all about.

Time & place: Fun trips provide an opportunity to develop and enhance a student's social and citizenship skills. School ensures refinements in manners, etiquette and social behavior, habits of cleanliness, courtesy, respect etc. Through mock sessions for behavior refinements.

SANATANGYAN - KINESTHETICS - CITIZENSHIP - ART FUN INDIRYA TO GYAN – Applying common sense to our daily decisions requires skillful use of our sense organs. Fun things are done at KENSRI to improve your child's kinesthetic skills thereby helping in development of gross and fine motor skills while ensuring good first steps in writing skills. This ensures the children get a firm foundation.

WELLNESS TO OLYMPICS -SPORTS & MOTOR SKILLS FUN ATHLETE focus on health and participation in sport to help discipline and to make more friends. This brochure provides more details later.

HOBBY - COLLECTION - INTERESTFUTURES competition in the field of academics, sports and fine arts. It is a signature programme of 3D Innovate to develop regular - competition to bring out excellence in the field of academics, sports and fine arts. It is a regular - predictable - non stressful competition to help students in creating a network of friends not only with our school students but also with students from other schools who have similar interest. The students who are in KENSRI school teams are eligible to participate in the FUTURE competitions. Other students, who are not member of school team (in the respective fields) can also participate but with an entry fee.

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