KENSRI is truly proud of its brilliant alumni who are currently pursuing their higher studies and a few have distinguished themselves in different fields.

KENSRI Alumni aims to establish contact with all old students of the school and meet periodically on various events.

  • Testimonials
    Joshua Boby Jacob
    Joshua Boby Jacob

    KENSRI has always bought back its alumni that are operating in various fields around the world to educate and encourage their students to achieve their goals and excel in their desired fields. As a result of this programme I have been given the opportunity to come back to work with KENSRI multiple times over different projects as well as hosting webinars on 3D Design Software and Rendering Software’s. The sessions were highly interactive with many students getting back to me with work they have done as well as asking me many questions related to the classes. Apart from these sessions I have also been tasked with designing virtual classrooms and environments for the online sessions taken by the teachers as well as sports staff. The projects I have mentioned are only few of the many challenging and educational opportunities that have been given to me and have caused me to grow in learning and in experience. I look forward to working with my school in future endeavours and I am very grateful for the opportunity they have presented me with.

    Harsh Ranjan
    Harsh Ranjan

    Regarding the experience of the webinar I undertook on "Robotics and Multiphysics Simulation" for the students - Firstly, I was pleasantly surprised with the turnout of participants for the webinar. It is motivating to know we have so many enthusiastic students with the thirst for knowledge in lesser known fields. The whole process was smooth with no issues on both sides, specially as it was an interactive session. Which again got me smiling as I had questions and feedbacks from students as young as 14 year old in 9th grade, and that I was able to explain it to them in a manner which not only piqued their interest but also satisfied their curious minds. Would definitely rate the session 9/10 in terms of success and 10/10 for the participation. And will always be ready to take more in the possible future if required. Thank you for such an opportunity!

    Present Alumni members -

    Lakshya Sivaramakrishnan
    Advaita Shyam Sunder
    Prajosh Ranganathan
    Vrithika .R
    Skanda E.C
    Abhinav Shivakumar
    Astley Collin Lobo
    Avinash Nair
    Aarti Bhatt
    Sanjana .S. Kumar
    Aaron M Ashwin
    Prashanth Rao
    Trivikram Baliga
    Kiran Babu
    Uthappa A D
    Sagar Gupta
    Neeraj R
    Alexander James
    Amrit Choudhary
    Teja Reddy
    Hemanth Yelamanchili
    Tarun A T
    Anvaya B.N.
    Rohan Senani
    Vishnu Sai
    Rishikesh. R
    Rakshith Medappa
    Vinod G U
    Vivek N
    K. Uttham
    Rijo Rajan
    Siddharth Ravindran
    Sristy Kapoor
    Manjusha M Ghatke
    Varsha Ravi
    Pragathi J V
    Manasa S
    Soujanya G. Kiragi
    Shyamal R Swamy
    S. Jayashree
    Tejal Gupta
    Snigdha Swaroop
    Rashmi Suresh
    Prashati R
    Vidya Bharath
    Aswathi N M
    Trupti Baliga
    Ajay Baliga
    Milind Pradeep
    Tarun M Prabhu
    Saday Chandra Mowly
    Karthik S Kumar
    A. Kusumitha Aishwarya
    Adithya M N
    Akarsh M
    Aniruddh G Bhat
    Anjana K Bhagwath
    Architha D.N
    Arjun Keshav
    Bhavan S Halkeri
    Bhavana R
    Dhruva Kumar
    Edwin Easo Mathew
    Gowtham P Reddy
    Janaki Nagaraj
    Joshua B Jacob
    Kanoj Raj
    Karthik Maloli Rao
    Krithika Prasad
    Kshitija T.G
    Lasya Priya M
    Neha R S
    Nikhil S Naveen
    Pranav R
    Sai Prithvi Dev K
    Sharad Kapoor
    Shilpa Shankar
    Shreya R
    Siddharth Hebbar
    Sinchana G S
    Hemanth Yalamanchili
    Tarun A T
    Narendhra R

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