Mission statement:

Vasudhaiva kutumbakam

The world is our family ,the community and our society is a family.

  • Corporation privileges

    Instill discipline and value system in the citizens of our country.

    Develop pride and integrity through citizenship qualities.

    Designing a product.

    Knowing the budget in the making of a product.

    Developing entrepreneurship qualities.

  • Building Blocks




  • Career options

    Indian Administrative Service, Indian Police Service, Politicians(M.P’s, M.L.A’s, Corporators, Mayors ,Working in Local Self governing bodies, Activist etc.

  • Program

    Enrichment Programme- Enabling the students to visit their Pre- requisites of the previous classes

    Head start Programme- Facilitating the students to gain momentum in the subject for the current academic year

    Fundamental Test- To test the fundamental knowledge of the subject.

    Formatives- Activities or experiences to enhance application, logical and reasoning skills.

    Challenges/ Assessment & Futures: To enhance the expression knowledge and application skills of the student.

  • Books

    Theme Books

    NCERT Books

    Publishers Books

  • Lesson Plan

    To enable the teachers to follow a sequential method of teaching (FLOW)

  • Events

    Nation building




    Mock UN

    Moot ICJ

    Theme Play

    Threshold of Knowledge



    Celebrations :

    Independence day

    Republic day

    Constitution day

  • Staff

    Mrs. Rekha ravi

    Mrs. Shashikala

    Mrs. Jayanti. V

    Mrs. Usha Iyengar

    Mrs. Shilpa Lingoji

    Mrs. Chandra V

    Mrs. Mansi

    Mrs. Vanjakshi

    Ms. Divya mary

    Ms. Vani

    Mrs. Sindhu

    Mrs. Jamuna

    Mrs. Rukmini

  • Leaders

    CEO Lab Manager- SST Excl. Corp

    Afifa (XI)

    COO Rubrics- SST Excl. Corp

    Sinchana B.R. (X)

    CFO Pedagogy SSt

    Nanndana Menon (IX)

    CMO Manager marketing—S.St

    Ritu Rao (VIII)

    I LIKE Captain -

    Diya Kumar (X)

    School international activist -

    Devang Tiwari (XI)

    School national activist -

    Aarthishree (X)

    School state social activist - vice captain

    Juanna .P.Jossy (IX)

  • Teams:

    Eligibility: Class III onwards, Achievement >80% in Academics and No demerits

    Team U10

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    Team U12

    Rosters | Schedules | News

    Team U14

    Rosters | Schedules | News

    Team U16

    Rosters | Schedules | News

    Team U18

    Rosters | Schedules | News

  • Clubs:

    Eligibility: Class VI & VII

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    Social Science Club

  • Excellence Corp:

    Eligibility: Class VIII onwards

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