Class X ToppersClass X Achievers | Platinum List 2017-18 (95-100) - Class I-X

Mission statement:

Vasudhaiva kutumbakam

The world is our family ,the community and our society is a family.

  • Corporation privileges

    Instill discipline and value system in the citizens of our country.

    Develop pride and integrity through citizenship qualities.

    Designing a product.

    Knowing the budget in the making of a product.

    Developing entrepreneurship qualities.

  • Building Blocks




  • Career options

    Indian Administrative Service, Indian Police Service, Politicians(M.P’s, M.L.A’s, Corporators, Mayors ,Working in Local Self governing bodies, Activist etc.

  • Program

    Enrichment Programme- Enabling the students to visit their Pre- requisites of the previous classes

    Head start Programme- Facilitating the students to gain momentum in the subject for the current academic year

    Fundamental Test- To test the fundamental knowledge of the subject.

    Formatives- Activities or experiences to enhance application, logical and reasoning skills.

    Challenges/ Assessment & Futures: To enhance the expression knowledge and application skills of the student.

  • Books

    Theme Books

    NCERT Books

    Publishers Books

  • Lesson Plan

    To enable the teachers to follow a sequential method of teaching (FLOW)

  • Events

    Nation building




    Mock UN

    Moot ICJ

    Theme Play

    Threshold of Knowledge



    Celebrations :

    Independence day

    Republic day

    Constitution day

  • Staff

    Mrs. Rekha Ravi

    Mrs. Jayanti. V

    Mrs. Usha Iyengar

    Mrs. Shilpa Lingoji

    Mrs. Mansi Sharma

    Mrs. Vanjakshi

    Ms. Divya Mary

    Mrs. Vani

    Mrs. Sindhu Satish

    Mrs. Jamuna

    Mrs. Janaki Vijay Gopal

    Mrs. Krishnaveni

    Mrs. Gayathri

    Mrs. Linsha Davis

  • Leaders

    CEO Lab Manager- SST Excl. Corp

    Afifa (XI)

    COO Rubrics- SST Excl. Corp

    Sinchana B.R. (X)

    CFO Pedagogy SSt

    Nanndana Menon (IX)

    CMO Manager marketing—S.St

    Ritu Rao (VIII)

    I LIKE Captain -

    Diya Kumar (X)

    School international activist -

    Devang Tiwari (XI)

    School national activist -

    Aarthishree (X)

    School state social activist - vice captain

    Juanna .P.Jossy (IX)

  • Teams:

    Eligibility: Class III onwards, Achievement >80% in Academics and No demerits

    Team U10

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    Team U12

    Rosters | Schedules | News

    Team U14

    Rosters | Schedules | News

    Team U16

    Rosters | Schedules | News

    Team U18

    Rosters | Schedules | News

  • Clubs:

    Eligibility: Class VI & VII

    Rosters | Schedules | News

    Social Science Club

  • Excellence Corp:

    Eligibility: Class VIII onwards

    Rosters | Schedules | News