Maximizing Brain development:  Development of a child's brain is maximum during the time from the last trimester to age six. We have sought all possible practices and incorporated them into our Sankalp which is the fun-expression phase of KENSRI's developmental system. This will help our child boost intelligence.

Child Prodigy:  We assure you that we have thought of every possible aspect for your child not only to make you feel that your child is a prodigy but also provide all the fundamentals required for a happy life ahead. We expect to be your best partner for developing your child. The child has become OURS from now.

Sanathana Gyan:  Using our grand-forefathers legacy for our next generation. Indian wisdom lived the test of time by one generation inculcating habits, wisdom and skills to the next. Mind, gunas (values), prakruthi (nature), expression (languages and art), wellness-nutrition (sports), and habits have been included. These are much more profound than even the best school of the west can conjure. This is what KENSRI's-Sankalp is all about.

KENSRI has brought a team of learned people to help the development of a new "unique" life with professional practitioners. The wisdom is a system to be enjoyed for a long-full life "Dirgayush-Puranayush" for all.

Below are programs that are in sequence for a deliberate start for children and for posterity for a family

1. Pampered Pregnancy Program
2. Mother-Child Program
3. Early Guru Kula Program
4. Fun-Expression Program

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Pampered Pregnancy Program
Mother-Child Program
Early Guru Kula Program
Fun-Expression Program