Age group (2.5 years to 6 years) - KENSRI School Fun-Expression Phase (pre-primary)

Children come happily to school to have fun-fun and more fun. Everything that is taught must be fun so that they cannot wait to run to their mother's or grandparents' arms to tell them all about their day. We want you to tell them stories at night and possibly even read with them. We would like you to also play both outdoor and indoor games. Insist on speaking in your mother tongue so that their expression is not curtailed. Ask them to even tell you stories. Inculcate as many values and habits as possible:

Values: Respect, affection, please-sorry-thank (appreciation) and sharing.

Habit: Sleeping Time-eating Time-RAP Time-waking up Time-checking bag.

Highest Award: Daily Child

This stage includes Gurglers/Toddlers, LKG, UKG, Montessori 1, 2 and 3

Fun Environment :Even though KENSRI's curriculum is demanding the teachers have been encouraged and supported to make the school fun.

Harmonization : The school's commitment is to be secular and inclusive. This philosophy has some inherent strengths and weaknesses. As the children come from different backgrounds the school expects to harmonize the children. The harmonization is accomplished with the class teacher having a good knowledge of the child's family and home.

A schedule : Parents and children are encouraged to get into a routine during the school days, while fun would also accomplish the curriculum requirement.

Talent scouting : The teachers and parents are encouraged to help the child explore and communicate their interests. By the end of this stage the main sport has to be selected by the parents for the kid with the help of the coaches.

Daily Student-KENSRI-Pride
  • Sports
  • Finearts
  • MOCK
  • Sanatan Gyan
  • Competitions
  • Talent Search
  • Fun Trip
  • Field Trip
  • Assembly
  • Themeplay
  • Sports Day
  • KEN-Market
  • Nation Building