Dramatic Art Education can be used to promote active learning in any subject. It gives the students a Kinaesthetic and Empathetic understanding as well as an intellectual understanding.

  • filter_dramaPURPOSE

    Improvisation of skills
    Making creativity in problem solving
    Developing tolerance and empathy
    Understanding ideas about history and current events
    Experimenting with new roles
    Giving importance for values and culture

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RAISON.E.V., M.A.(Eng.),M.A.(Phil.),B.Ed. Drama Faculty

RAISON VARGHESE E.V., M.A.(Eng.),M.A.(Phil.),B.Ed. Drama faculty
Our Drama faculty Mr. Raison Varghese is an experienced Actor, Dubbing Artist, Script Writer and a Teacher

  • Teams:

    Eligibility: Class III onwards, Achievement >80% in Academics and No demerits

    Team U10

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    Team U12

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    Team U14

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    Team U16

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    Team U18

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  • Mono act
  • One act play
  • Street play
  • Mime
  • Puppet show
  • Shadow play
  • Story telling
  • Speech and Action
  • Expressions
  • Dumb Charades
  • Script writing
  • Direction
  • Class III – Mitali Yogesh,Aditya ,V.S.,Nishka Ranjan, Gurjas Singh.
  • Class IV – G.S.I.Venkat,Shattesh Shridhar,Nitish Mallya,Supriya Rajeev
  • Class V – Aryan Baiju Das,Vishnu.V, Yuva.D
  • Class VI- Akshaya Mahaveer, Fauzia Fayaz , Ananthakrishna, Harshita Reddy,Vibashree
  • Class VI - Amrita G K, Priyanka Rao, Ninad Mundayoor, Poorna Bhat,Catherine Elena
  • Class VIII - Krithika Senthil, Abishek Goutham,Sandesh,Dhruv Raghavan
  • Class IX - Devansh Singh, Ashrith N Cashyap
  • Class X – Trisha,Ashuthosh Anand
  • Class XI-Alfia Nirguni, Deeksha , Kaushik